Staying Safe on your Winter Getaway

With temperatures dipping into single digits, winter getaways are on the mind of many Canadians. Many Canadians will purchase travel insurance, affording them some valuable piece of mind to know they are protected if something does go wrong. Combined with travel insurance, exercising some basic safety cautions can go a long way in preventing that something wrong from happening.

Check for Travel Advisories

You might be surprised to find your travel destination listed on the Government of Canada’s travel advisory website. However there are several categories of listing from Exercise Normal Security Cautions (the lowest advisory level) to Avoid All Travel (the highest advisory level) and that advisory level does not always apply to the whole country. Parts of Mexico are listed as unsafe to visit, yet many of the tourist areas are perfectly safe to visit and are reflected as such in the listing.

Keep Your Head Up

Pay attention to your surroundings when you are travelling. That goes for more than just avoiding sketchy looking streets, make sure you have all your valuables stored safely while out and about, pickpockets are the most active in busy areas.

Theft can happen on the resort too! Make use of your in room safe to store all valuables and documents. If bringing anything down to the beach, consider taking turns watching your belongings.

Travel Prepared

When photocopying important documents for your trip, take a photocopy of any prescriptions you have. Make sure you bring extra of any medications you may take. Flights can be delayed and local pharmacists may not carry or be unable to fill your prescription.

A little alertness and preparation can go a long way in preventing travel mishaps! However travel insurance is always an important “just in case”. If you are injured overseas most Canadian health plans do not provide coverage. Serious injuries can quickly add up to tens of thousands of dollars and travel home may not be an option. Illness or injury can quickly take the fun and relaxing out of a holiday, especially when you are concerned about your coverage.

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