Drinking Alcohol While on Vacation Could Cost You Your Coverage

Nothing goes together quite like warm sand between your toes, a view of the beach, and a Pina Colada in your hand. But while a refreshing beverage is often a staple in most vacations, it can also be a strike against you when it comes to your insurance policy.

Many travel insurance policies have clauses that exclude coverage if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs when an accident occurs. This may not seem likely, but 39 percent of Canadians report being intoxicated at some point during their latest vacation. And it’s no secret that accidents happen. A couple drinks too many and suddenly slipping by the pool and breaking a bone isn’t a stretch of the imagination.

But did you know you can be denied for more than just health insurance? If you miss your flight due to being intoxicated, your insurance company can reject any coverage for expenses you incur as a result.

It’s also well known that alcohol can lower one’s inhibitions. So, if you decide to get a large neck tattoo or go base-jumping for the first time while intoxicated, those activities and any misfortunes caused by them will likely be at your expense.

Of course, it will be up to the insurance company to prove that you weren’t sober at the time of an accident. However, if your blood is taken or if there are witnesses that state seeing signs of intoxication from you, these things can work against you.

Ultimately, it is always wisest to drink in moderation while vacationing and to read the fine print of your travel insurance coverage before visiting another country. Each policy is different and being familiar with yours ahead of time gives you the opportunity to clarify any questions or concerns before you find yourself in a predicament.

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