Water Safety Tips

Every year around 140 children in Canada almost drown, and about 60 drown. Most of these incidents are preventable. The majority are in swimming pools but it is just as important to be cautious around every body of water you visit this summer. Here are 10 tips to keep your kids safe and to have a happy summer.

  1. Supervise your children always and closely when you around any body of water. Even dozing on blanket or reading a book can be dangerous if you have a child under the age of 5. Kids should not be allowed to be near water on their own. If a child does go missing, ALWAYS check the nearest body of water first.
  2. Educate your children on safety rules. Whether you are at a pool, in a hot tub, at the lake or near a pond, tell them what they need to know. For instance teaching them about currents and riptides would be prudent if you are near a lake or ocean.
  3. Tell them why they shouldn’t push, grab or jump on people. It is extremely hard to keep yourself afloat, let along ty and support another child.
  4. Never dive into a body of water – always jump feet first.
  5. Remove all inflatable toys and mattresses from the pool when small children are in it. They can not only get trapped underneath, but those toys also provide a sight barrier for parents.
  6. Teach your kids how to swim. Enrolling them in lessons is a very important step if they are around the water a lot.
  7. Take responsibility as the pool owner (if you are one):
    *Learn how to swim
    *Learn CPR
    *Fence off your pool
    *Install a locked cover on your pool or hot tub
    *Keep lifesaving devices beside the pool
    *Practice active supervision
    All of these are mandatory not only to save lives, but also to prevent any home insurance issues.
  8. Make life jackets mandatory for everyone if you are near or on a body of water.
  9. Stay within an arm’s length of children under the age of 8 years old in any body of water.
  10. Never rely on older children to supervise the younger ones.

Make your summer a happy one and practice water safety.

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