Travel Insurance Myth-Busting

Everyone loves to go on vacation. You get to leave your home and your daily routine and experience new places, new people, new food and new activities. Holiday trips are meant to be a lot of fun, and they almost always are, but it’s also important to remember that life can happen at any time… even when you’re on a trip. That’s why travel insurance should be a vital component of your travel plans, no matter what anyone tells you to the contrary.

Here are some travel insurance myths:

#1: I Can’t Afford It

It’s true that travel insurance, like most things worth having, isn’t free. You will need to put down some money towards protecting yourself and your possessions as you travel. The good news is that not all travel insurance is the same. There isn’t one flat rate that you must pay every time you travel. When you purchase travel insurance you will look at your trip and decide what you need to cover. Your agent can come up with an affordable travel insurance package that covers all the basics.

#2. It’s Difficult or Annoying To Do

Again, it’s true that you don’t just automatically get travel insurance when you decide to take a trip. You need to make an effort to get it. Travel insurance is extremely easy to get. Most insurance providers can set up a travel insurance plan very quickly without even needing to delve into your history, like they would with more long-term kinds of insurance. Many travel agencies are also able to assist in setting up travel insurance, and if they aren’t they can direct you to a quick and easy solution for acquiring it.

#3. People Who Get Travel Insurance Are Just Being Paranoid

Think about the worst day you’ve ever had. Did you plan for any of that to happen? Of course you didn’t. Likewise, if you really believed that as soon as you left on your trip, your luggage would go missing, your flights would all be cancelled, you would break your arm and a tornado would shut down the airport you intended to use, then you wouldn’t bother to make travel plans at all. As the saying goes, you hope for the best, but you plan for the worst. Bad things can and do happen. The trick is to be ready for them.

#4. This Won’t Improve My Travel Experience

This may be the biggest myth of all. Even if nothing bad happens, a travel insurance policy from Sadler Insurance will help you to kick back and relax in the knowledge that even if something does go wrong, you’ll have a plan in place to minimize the damage. Peace of mind can help you relax… and that’s the whole point of a vacation, right?

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