Insurance For Sewage Back Up In Edmonton

Sadler insurance offers Sewer Back Up protection as part of your Edmonton home insurance package.  We are here to help protect your belongings and provide peace of mind.

To further protect your property, we suggest  that as a homeowner or tenant that you take the following precautions against  water or sewage damage:

  • Protect your home by installing a mainline backwater valve on the sewer line in the dwelling. This should automatically close in the event of sewage back up in your household. The mainline backwater valve should be checked semi annually. Click here for an example.
  • Install a sump pit with a primary sump pump and an alarmed sump pump with battery backup. A sump pit is a common and effective basement water collection system. The sump pit, which is set into the basement floor, collects water from the weeping tiles around the basement. The sump pump is activated by a float switch that turns on when the water in the sump rises beyond a certain level. The sump then pushes the water outside the home through a discharge pipe.
  • Ensure that debris is not being thrown into the toilets of the house. This can often lead to blockages that could facilitate a sewer line clog leading to a back up
  • Ensure that the drainage around the house moves water away from the foundation and window and window wells of the house. Maintain eaves troughs and downspouts.
  • Seal cracks in the foundation walls and basement floors.
  • Maintain your sewer pipes. Have the sewer line to the house checked at regular intervals and cleared when necessary. Periodic cleaning will ensure that these lines are more likely to continue running freely.  Also, older clay sewer pipes can collapse due to age (wear and tear), pressure and earth movements. Damaged pipes should be replaced with reinforced PVC pipes.

Ensure that your Edmonton home or property are protected today.