RVing with Your Pet

travel dog‘Tis the season for RVing and no one wants to be left behind! Many travelers bring along their cats or dogs for fun with the whole family. Bringing the family pet can cause a bit of stress for both the pet and the pet’s parents if it is a new experience. Getting your pet ready for RV travel takes some planning and forethought. Here are 10 tips:

  1. Purchase and secure a travel case for your pet to lounge in while you are driving on the highway. This ensures the safety of the pet, the driver and passengers.
  2. Make sure your pet has the proper vaccinations and preventative medications. Research the area you are heading to and make sure you know what the possible hazards are (fleas, ticks, etc.) Also, bring your vet records with you in case you need to have proof of rabies shots, etc.
  3. Do a Google search on veterinarians in the area you are traveling to and bring a list with you. If your pet gets sick or injured you will know exactly where to go in a hurry.
  4. Is your pet’s brand of food is widely available? If not, make sure to bring enough food I an airtight container to last the whole trip. Changing brands while on vacation could result in an unhappy animal or a messy situation.
  5. Check out the rules at the site you are staying. Obviously they have to allow pets, but you may have to pay a fee for your furry companion or you may be zoned to a “pet area”.
  6. Bring a leash, collar, harness, etc. so your pet can be secured outside while you are there. You should never leave your pet tied up while you are gone as they could get tangled in the leash or become easy prey for wildlife.
  7. Have a waste cleanup plan! Bring baggies and a scooper with you and clean up a few times a day.
  8. Immediately dispose of leftover pet food to you don’t attract wildlife.
  9. If your pet is to be left alone in your RV while you are out make sure there is proper ventilation, water, food and a comfortable sleeping area. Put anything away that they might chew or that is a pet hazard. The may be more stressed than usual as they are having a new experience.
  10. Before you set out on any long journeys, start with short weekend jaunts to get your pet accustomed to RV life!

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