How To Protect Your Home When You’re Away

Look Like You’re Home

One way to dissuade potential intruders from breaking into your home is to make it look like you’re actually at home. If you’re going away for a short time, leave a couple lights on. If you don’t want to waste a lot of energy, switch your regular lightbulbs for energy-saving LED lights.

If you’re going away for a significant period of time, cancel or redirect any magazine or newspaper subscriptions you might have, or have a neighbour come and regularly pick up your mail. Nothing says “no one’s here” like a bunch of newspapers piled up outside your front door. You may also want to pay some neighborhood kids to come by and mow your lawn once in a while, as long, unkempt grass is also a sign that a house is unoccupied.

Lock Your Windows, Lock Your Doors

This may seem like an obvious one, but many people leave for vacation without making sure that their windows and doors are adequately locked. All it takes is for one open window for a thief to get in, so it’s important that you check every single entry point before you head out to for rest and relaxation.

Also make sure that there are no gas leaks, and that all of your electronics and appliances are turned off. Don’t forget about your taps! Leaky taps can rack up a lot of water charges; make sure all of your taps are turned off and leave your drains unplugged in case a tap starts leaking while you are away.

If you spend a bit of time checking that everything is adequately locked, shut off and in working order, you will be able to relax and enjoy your summer vacation.


Another way to protect your home when you’re not there is to double-check your insurance coverage. Accidents happen and, unfortunately, people have returned from vacations to find their homes burglarized, vandalized, and even devastated by a fires, floods, or other unforeseen disasters. If you’re not 100 per cent sure your insurance covers accidents and incidentals, give your provider a call or set up a quick appointment. Also note how many times someone must check on your home while you are away. If you don’t pay attention to this clause, your insurance may not pay out if there is a claim.

Protect Your Information

Before you leave, put important documents in a safe place. A safety deposit box is one of the best ways to secure documents like birth certificates, mortgage agreements, bank statements, credit card information, etc. Remember: one of the biggest crimes these days is identity theft, so while you may think burglars are only after your cash and jewelry, many thieves are actually after information. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable: your home is not only your house; it’s your life, your identity, and your peace of mind.

Nix the Spare Key

A lot of people keep spare keys in what they believe are clever hiding places. Don’t do that. Give your spare key to a trusted neighbour or friend instead, as thieves are wise to all the spare key hiding places, such as under a potted plat or the doormat, in a bird feeder or under the patio stones.

A few simple precautions before you leave for vacation means peace of mind so you can truly relax.

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