Protect Your Car from Theft

edmonton car insurance auto insuranceVehicles are generally a big investment for most people, that’s why it hurts so much when they get stolen! In this article by one of our insurance partners, Aviva Canada, you can find out the best ways to protect your car for this depressing fate.

You’re not stealing MY car

Walking out of your home or coming out of the store to see that your car is nowhere to be found is a situation that no car owner wants to experience. Having your car stolen can happen to anyone. But, if you want to reduce your chances of having your vehicle stolen, there are some common sense things that you can do to prevent vehicle theft.

One proactive thing that you can do is to check if your vehicle is on the most stolen list before you buy/lease it. Buying a vehicle that is difficult to steal is a theft deterrent in itself. The Insurance Bureau of Canada provides a list of ten most and least stolen vehicles.

A second action that can be taken is to “always avoid leaving any of your valuables in plain sight,” says Achiel Goossens, Senior Manager of Auto Claims with Aviva Canada. “Put everything away and store items in your in trunk. This will reduce your chances of being a target for theft.”

Where you park also has an impact on the likelihood of your vehicle being stolen. Here are some ways to protect your vehicle simply by parking in the right spot:

  • Park in well-lit areas if you are parking in public
  • Park your car in the garage when at home
  • If possible, park in attended lots

Here are some additional tips for preventing theft:

  • Install a security system in your vehicle if it doesn’t already have one
  • Remove all your valuables – leaving things like your phone, money, GPS and other items will attract thieves
  • While it should go without saying, always lock your car and close all windows before getting out.

Protecting your vehicle from theft is common sense. Have security measures in place and park your vehicle in areas that are well lit and protected. This article is for general informational purposes only. 

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