How Much is Motorcycle Insurance in Alberta?

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Those wondering – just how much is motorcycle insurance in Alberta? – may not be surprised to learn that the answer to this question may not exactly be simple.

So, How Much is Motorcycle Insurance in Alberta?

As with every other insurance policy, a number of factors will be weighed in order to determine the price of motorcycle insurance in Alberta.

Here are 7 of the most common factors that may affect the cost of insurance in Alberta.

1. Age

As the old adage goes, “with age comes wisdom,” and insurance companies tend to agree.

When determining insurance premiums, one of the key factors that are considered is the driver’s age.

It may come as no surprise that younger, newer drivers are often subject to higher insurance rates than more experienced drivers above the age of 25.

2. Type of Driver’s License

Do you have your class 6 license? While you can get a motorcycle insurance with a class 5 license, you will get better rates with a class 6 license.

3. Experience

How many years have you been riding?

The extent of the rider’s experience in driving a motorcycle can further benefit the cost of insurance premiums.

4. Type of Motorcycle

Do you ride a cruiser, a touring bike or a sport model? The type of bike you ride impacts how much you will pay for insurance.

Pricy upgrades like custom additions or limited edition motorcycles are more difficult and costly to replace, and will typically demand a higher motorcycle insurance premium.

5. Insurance Coverage Required

The amount of coverage that the driver of the motorcycle wishes to have will unquestionably be a deciding in factor as to how much motorcycle insurance will cost in Alberta.

Those simply looking for liability insurance will see much lower premiums than motorcycle owners looking for more comprehensive coverage, such as collision coverage.

Don’t forget your apparel & accessories. Those too can be insured.

6. Insurance History & Accidents


Uh-oh. Any fender benders on your driving record?

As holds true with auto insurance, accident-prone drivers do indeed tend to face higher motorcycle insurance premiums.

8. Traffic Tickets

If you’re a speedster and can’t help but drive with the pedal to the metal, insurance companies figure you may be more likely to get into a collision and are therefore, a higher risk to them.

Have a few tickets on your record? You can likely look forward to paying a higher premium when it comes to time to insure your motorcycle.

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