Hail Damage Home Insurance Claims

hail-storm-585675-mWe say it all the time: In Alberta the weather is unpredictable. What starts out as a beautiful sunny day can produce a devastating hail storm that ends in damage to your car and home. So what should you do if you experience hail damage? Does your home insurance cover it? Unfortunately we can’t bring your garden back to life, but your insurance broker can help with hail damages. Here are three easy steps to take if your home gets hit with hail:

1. The first step is to survey the damage. Walk around your home and look at the shingles, the gutters, the outside of your house. Make detailed notes about the damage and where it is; also include notes about the storm like how long it lasted and how big the hail was. If there is still hail on the property, try and take a picture of it or document it.

If you cannot get onto the roof, try to look on the ground for any evidence of shingles that have fallen off.

2. Take pictures of all of the damaged areas around your home, including debris that was dislodged due to hail. try to get damage from all angles. Even minor damage should be documented.

3. Call your insurance broker immediately! The sooner you call and submit a claim, the better as even small hail dents or damage can cause leaks and water damage. If the damage turns out to be less than the deductible, you can withdraw the claim at a later date.

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