Fall Home Maintenance Checklist: 7 Things You Must Check Each Fall

This fall weather is a reminder that the Edmonton winter is not far off (sad but true).

As miserable as winter can seem, it can also be one of the best seasons.

There’s nothing like curling up under a blanket with a cup of hot cocoa and watching the snow fall.

Follow our quick tips below to help get your home cozy and winter ready before the deep freeze sets in.

1. Check around window and doors for drafts

A drafty window can really cool a room down, and be a big drain on energy bills! Luckily a cheap tube of caulk can be a permanent solution to a drafty window. If you are looking for a seasonal approach you can also cover windows with a layer of plastic sheet and double sided tape to cut down on drafting.

2. Visit your attic

Can you remember the last time you were in the attic? Probably not, and there’s a chance there are undetected drafts or gaps in your insulation. Take a peak up there and check everything is properly insulated.

3. Change your furnace filter

A fresh furnace filter not only improves air quality but will help your home heat more efficiently.

4. Check your radiators and heat vents

Shuffled any furniture around in the spring or summer? Check to make sure it’s not blocking access to your heat vents and radiators. Obscured heat vents and radiators will have a harder time heating the whole room.

5. Clean out your gutters

Cleaning your gutters is never fun, but a gutter blocked up in the fall will stay that way until the spring. It’s easier to clean them out in the fall when you aren’t trying to find the least icy patch on your lawn to place your ladder while you are trying to clean out an over flowing gutter.

6. Track down your snow shovel before the first snow fall

Move your snow shovel to an easily accessible spot before it snows. That way you won’t be stuck digging through the garage at 7 am to clear the sidewalks before they get trampled down during the day.

7. Wash and store your summer furniture

Put cushion covers through the wash, and hose down any plastic or wood furniture before putting it away for the winter. This way when spring happens you can enjoy patio season right away!

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