Do you Need Travel Insurance?

Summer holidays are almost here, and for many families, it is time to travel! You might wonder if travel insurance is worth it and question what you’re actually buying. Perhaps you think it sounds like insurance you don’t need, and travel insurance is just a money grab; kind of like buying extended warranties on products that will last two years. Continue reading

3 Travel Insurance Questions to Ask Yourself Before Heading South

With the holidays behind us, many Canadians are already thinking about palm trees and powder sand beaches. Winter just doesn’t have the same appeal when you don’t have festive gatherings and stuffed turkey to look forward to.

But before you book your flights and decide on your destination, there are a few questions you may want to ask about your travel coverage. We’ve put them together for you: Continue reading

Travel Insurance Myth-Busting

Everyone loves to go on vacation. You get to leave your home and your daily routine and experience new places, new people, new food and new activities. Holiday trips are meant to be a lot of fun, and they almost always are, but it’s also important to remember that life can happen at any time… even when you’re on a trip. That’s why travel insurance should be a vital component of your travel plans, no matter what anyone tells you to the contrary. Continue reading

Staying Safe on your Winter Getaway

With temperatures dipping into single digits, winter getaways are on the mind of many Canadians. Many Canadians will purchase travel insurance, affording them some valuable piece of mind to know they are protected if something does go wrong. Combined with travel insurance, exercising some basic safety cautions can go a long way in preventing that something wrong from happening. Continue reading