Why Choose a Broker

Consumers have many choices when it comes to the purchase of their insurance protection.¬†As independent Edmonton insurance brokers, we’ll find you the best insurance solution at the best rates.

The “Direct Writer” – You can purchase the product directly from an insurance company. Usually this involves speaking with a stranger at the other end of a toll free number who is an employee of an insurance company in a call centre somewhere far away. Service is then provided to you on an ongoing basis by the first stranger that answers your call and the product you receive is generally a generic policy that might not offer the unique advantages or coverage offered by various other insurers particular to your needs.

The “Agent” – You can purchase your insurance from an Insurance Agent. Again, you deal with an employee of an insurance company. Their products vary little and while the service you receive might be a little more personal than that of the Direct Writer, mentioned above, your specific and unique needs might not be best served by the single set of products and rates they have available to them.

The “Broker” – An Insurance Broker does NOT work for, or represent and insurance company. An Insurance Broker works for, and represents you, the consumer, in the insurance marketplace. The job of an Insurance Broker is to be your advocate, rather than simply a product vendor. You have specific needs, and a Broker has a variety of possible insurance companies and products at their disposal. The result is, not only your assurance of a competitive premium, but that you have a professional working on your behalf, obtaining for you, the best combination of product and premium to suit you needs. And, in the event of a claim, a Broker maintains their position as your advocate, working on your behalf in dealing with the often confusing process of dealing with insurance companies and adjusters.

Sadler Insurance – At Sadler Insurance, not only do you receive all the advantages of dealing with a Broker. You are also dealing with an industry leader for quality customer service in Edmonton and throughout Alberta. We have been caring for our clients’ insurance portfolios and representing their needs in the marketplace since 1936.