7 Helpful Health Tips for Desk Dwellers

Desk jobs can wreak havoc on your health. Let’s face it: sitting down for 8 hours a day at a computer doesn’t sound, look or feel healthy! But in this day and age some people just don’t have a choice. So what do you do to keep your mind and body sharp if you work a desk job? Here are some quick and easy tips to beat unhealthy work habits at the office:

  1. Buy a pedometer. It may sound old school but tracking your steps throughout the day will give you a great idea of whether or not you’re getting the exercise your body needs.
  2. Bike to work. In Alberta this may be a difficult task in the winter but when the ground is clear why not choose an alternative to driving?
  3. Take the stairs. Don’t just take the stairs to and from your office at the beginning and end of everyday – walk up and down during your break times. (Don’t forget to have a pair of office walking shoes at your disposal – no heels allowed!)
  4. Practice good posture. Slumping over your keyboard is a posture no-no! Sit up straight and tighten those core muscles.
  5. Drink water. All day, every day. Skip the coffee and pop – you’ll be surprised how much better your body and brain function when properly hydrated.
  6. Exercise during breaks. Going for a quick walk outside or doing a few push ups and squats will not only help your circulation, it will get your heart pumping.
  7. Plan ahead. Restaurants and fast food are tempting when you’re starved and sometimes lunches out are inevitable. But on most days your in the office bring a healthy bagged lunch. Spend 5 minutes the night before and make sure you also add a couple of healthy snacks like veggies and hummus for those munchy moments during the day.