10 Ways to Save Money on Life Insurance

Life insurance is an important investment. It protects you, your family and your future generation. Many people question the validity of life insurance because of the cost. One of the most common concerns clients have is “How can I afford the premiums every month?”

Our Edmonton Insurance Brokers make sure to work with every client’s budget and lifestyle and part of fitting this necessary expenditure in to your monthly budget is following some tips to lower your monthly premiums.

  1. Quit Smoking. We’ll start with the toughest first, because it will save you a bundle! Non-Smokers pay a fraction of what smokers pay. Even if you have quit smoking for a year or more you will get the same discounts.
  2. Get healthy. Being overweight or getting a less than stellar health report from your doctor will drive those premiums up. If you make a commitment to getting healthy, lose weight, become physically active you will most likely see a drop in your rates.
  3. Bundle Up. Bundling your life insurance with car, home insurance or any other services with an insurance broker is probably the easiest way to save cash.
  4. Start Early. The younger you are when you purchase life insurance, the cheaper it usually is.
  5. Work Safe. A low-risk job is less likely to hike your rates.
  6. Drive Safely. Your driving record is taken into account.
  7. Drink Less. Drinking 3-4 drinks per day is considered “excessive drinking”. Lowering your alcohol intake will save you some calories and some cash.
  8. Be a Lady. On average, women pay less for their premiums.
  9. Review Annually. Have you recently lost weight? Quit smoking? lowered your alcohol intake? An annual policy review to asses your current state of affairs can save you some money.
  10. Insure Here. Insurance brokers can offer cheaper rates on average because we have access to multiple providers so we can get the best insurance for you.

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